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Eye In The Sky Films/Outlaw Films develops, finances and produces short/feature films for a broad- diverse audiences.

A Little About Us…

The Company was born out of a business plan written by co-founder Angel who ultimately agreed to finance the Company, which was officially incorporated in January of 2013.
To this day, that plan’s fundamental concept remains the core principle of ESF’s business philosophy in that the Company integrates the optimal incentives and fiscal accountability of independent film making with the principal assets of possible major studio alliances.
ESF’s an independent film company in the truest sense given that the Company secures its financial resources independently, thus enabling it to focus on and produce economical, cost-effective content, while offering filmmakers and creative talent a streamlined, non-bureaucratic environment in which to work. Early in its history, ESF intends to establish itself as a long-term facet for creative yet entertaining film works.
Eye In The Sky Films offers the considerable advantages of a truly “independent” film environment while concurrently capitalizing on the most important attribute offered by a major studio, namely: trying to build and access a powerful, worldwide distribution pipeline. This dynamic combination has allowed ESF to consistently minimize costs, remain nimble, streamlined, and “filmmaker friendly,” while at the same time maximizing each of its films’ revenues through Warner Brothers’ distribution mechanism. Most crucially, Eye In The Sky Films determines its own destiny by retaining ownership of the films it finances/produces.
Today, Eye In The Sky Films is becoming one of the most enduring, well-respected independent film companies in the world. The list of successful films the Company has financed, and/or produced is building and ESF is currently expanding beyond its core activities of film finance and production into the related businesses of talent management and music.



Robot Heart The Movie

Made for the Micro-Budget of $100.00.Currently in 5 different Film Festivals Worldwide-Fall 2016!
Watch it NOW: Robot Heart The Movie

These Colors Do Run

These Colors Do Run

10 Film Festivals Nationwide, Winner of the MSU English Department-Creative Writing Film Award 2016, Michigan State University/Mechanic Family Endowment Award for excellence in Film-2016.
Watch it NOW:  These Colors Do Run




Down In Hollywood is a 5 piece hailing from the cold streets of Detroit, Michigan. They’ve been transplanted to the sun of California and the boys are fast becoming the voice of disenfranchised youth around the world. “D.I.H” is more than just a group- it’s a lifestyle. In the day of faceless bands, Down In Hollywood is larger than life. Within their unique personalities is an authentic love of their craft, and it shows. The quartet truly walks the walk; creating a sound and stage show that rivals the best in the business. Above all, the music speaks for itself- from the upcoming releases of anthemic track ‘Bloody Rose’ to the harsh reality of ‘Rock star Life’ the group showcases their uncanny ability to capture real life situations and turn them into musical works of art. Great musicianship and a fresh perspective lyrically make Down In Hollywood is a strong contender for Rock N Roll crown.  The band warmed up the international circuit, opening for bands like Saliva (Island Def Jam) 10 Years (and Evan’s Blue (Hollywood Records) Sevendust and playing many festivals and headling shows. As the fan base grows the buzz builds and “Diary” is ready to take the industry head on. And that’s just for starters. Recognizing these accomplishments, they have won the support of sponsors like Rockstar Energy Drink.

*All videos have been re-posted since release due to legalities.  

Bloody Rose

Written, and Performed by the band DOWN IN HOLLYWOOD. Produced by Angel, and Tony Gammelo.
Bloody Rose: No. 1 Alt. Rock Song in 13 Major Markets-2010/11.
Watch It NOW: Bloody Rose Official YouTube (re-post)]

VH1 Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp Appearance by Simon Hurts/Angel Synn

Lead Singer Angel Synn was teamed up with National Studio Artist Simon Hurts to create a Record Label Franchise Band called Smoking Guns which appeared as a promotional guest @ VH1 Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp among many other Los Angeles Events.


Popular Alt/Rock hit for D.I.H that was also the first release, and video in 2007.


Heaven/Hell was a controversial Alt/Rock song that has legs.  The song had premiered in numerous markets, and caused quite a stir.



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