Bleeding Heart Romaticism


Some may say to hold back in love is sensible,

Afraid of what may come of their vulnerability,

 Fearing the expenditures of a hopeless romantic,

Never knowing the true meaning of passion, love or intimacy,

These are the people who look back upon their lives,

With a certain hallow regret and empathy,

 Deeply fearing what they were afraid to live,

Yet horrified to realize what this lost love truly means.

I believe this is the place conservative’s fear,

A place where hopeless romantics transcend insincerity,

Where a heart can be hurt but also can live,

Where the meaning  of “you and I” is found completely.

So what catagory does each of us fall into?

At the end of this life where will you be?

For me, I would rather breathe in a stolen kiss,

Than waste away debating my sanity.

If true love is insane,

And conservative views deny its stability,

Then consider me a liberal bleeding heart,

Because the depths of love is all I see,

 If finding the truth in love is a crime,

Then lock me up and throw away the key.

Guilty as charged and ready for prison I proudly stand shackled,

Letting my heart live this lifetime hopelessly and romantic,

Standing in hallway of humanities injustice,

Knowing I stand strong and truly shackle free.

Bleeding Heart Romanticism


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